Our state of the art 1.5 Tesla interventional MRI set up combined with GE Surgical Suite.
IMSaT is an interdisciplinary institute for future Medical Technologies positioned at the interface of Physics, Engineering with Clinical and Life Sciences founded in 2006 as a joint initiative by the University of Dundee and the University of St. Andrews, supported by Scottish Enterprise and the EU.
IMSaT is a partner of TAHSC, NRP, and SINAPSE and is linked to the World's first MR/PET/CT combined interventional surgical suite at CRC.
IMSaT hosts GE's First European Centre of Excellence for Pre-Clinical Image-guided Interventions and Surgery.
IMSaT is supported by the following Trusts: The Gannochy Trust, The Leng Trust, NCC, The Robertson Trust, Matthew Trust.
IMSaT's unique collaboration of academic and corporate research partners provides an unequalled platform for innovation and development.

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Prof A. Melzer is giving a talk on MRI-visible guide wires and stearable catheters at the International Trade Fair 14th - 17th Nov, Dusseldorf, Germany. ...
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REVOLUTIONARY ways of treating illnesses and performing surgery without large cuts to the skin are to be discussed by scientists in Scotland next week. ...
The Lancet's Physics and Medicine Series highlights the many ways in which physics has revolutionised medical practice, from the development of disciplines such as ...
IMSaT will open its doors to the public on the 22nd and 23rd of September. Discover how therapy may be administered, without scalpels and scars. Robots, bubbles, nanoparticles, ultrasound ...

IIIOS Logo IIIOS SummerSchool on Image Guided Interventions,
27th - 31st August 2012 ...
Namoporation Nanoporation Summer School on Targeted Drug Delivery
3rd - 7th September 2012 ...

FUTURA is a 3 year European Project (Focused Ultrasound Therapy Using Robotic Approach) funded from the European Community's 7th Framework Programme under grant agreement number 611963. The goal of the FUTURA project is to design, develop and assess an innovative robotic platform with cognitive capabilities for the delivery of non-invasive therapy by means of High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU), under Ultrasound guidance.

TRANS-FUSIMO is an EU funded project involving 11 partners from all over Europe. The project is a follow up project of FUSIMO where a planning system for MR-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRgFUS) in moving abdominal organs has been developed. MRgFUS combines high intensity focused ultrasound for thermal ablation of diseased tissue with MR imaging to visualise the tumour and surrounding anatomy and to provide MR thermal feedback.
Prof Andreas Melzer - Medical Coordinator

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